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By admin - October 18 - Comments (0)

Ever wonder who makes the Further Lotion (used for all our complimentary hand massages) and Further Hand Soap (used in our restrooms)? Well, here is Megan & Marshall (in L.A.) hard at work making it all happen…! We LOVE small business and have carried their products and supported their wonderful brand for 5 years now:)

What’s makes Further different? All products are derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil, refined into biofuel and then artfully converted into exceptional glycerin soap, glycerin lotion, and soy candles. Their biofuel distillation process drives their cars, and the pure glycerin byproduct drives Further. Fragrant oils of bergamot, olive and bergamot are combined to create products that are at once fresh, sustainable, and pleasingly aromatic. Groovy, right?

CLICK HERE to learn more about FURTHER.



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