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By admin - January 05 - Comments (0)

What is the biggest haircutting TREND of 2017? The PIXIE…again.

Pixies are such a wonderful way to express someone’s personality. There’s nowhere to hide! Wherever you are, your confidence is inevitably exuded since your hair isn’t shielding your face. I love the trends of expressing femininity through side fades and heavy texture. Pixies offer a lot more versatility with styling than some longer hair options, because you can wear your hair smooth, textured, forward, backward, upward, etc! I love Bumble and bumble’s SEMISUMO for shine & hold, SUMOTECH for edgier & stronger hold, and SURF SPRAY for a lived-in style!

But it’s all in the details–If you have a funky cowlick in the bang area or crown area, rock those quirks and use them to direct your hair in a new direction. Softer necklines and ear areas can be detailed to be extremely feminine or more edgy depending on the look we are going for. One client even said that her husband loves her short hair because she has the sexiest neck, and now he gets to stare at it all the time. Take the plunge and let’s and start the NEW year rocking!

R7S Clients pictured below…Monica and Caitlin (both cuts by SARAH). To schedule an appointment w/SARAH (Stylist), please call RED 7 SALON @ 312-644-7337.

By admin - June 11 - Comments (0)

In this great “HOW TO”, learn the steps in achieving sea-breezy texture (wind swept blow dry) on yourself by using Bumble and bumble’s NEW Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry:) This product has grown into one of our FAVORITES! Check out this video to learn more…! NOW available @ R7S. ‪#‎bumbleandbumble‬ ‪#‎red7salon


By admin - June 22 - Comments (0)

Join ASHLEY & STEPHANIE (our braiding gurus) for a HANDS-ON BRAIDING WORKSHOP this coming Tuesday, 6/25, @ RED 7 SALON Chicago (6-8PM). They will show you how to effectively braid your own hair so that it is ready for an easy summer style (many variations/options). BRAIDS ARE SUPER HOT right now & everywhere (have you visited Pinterest, lately?). Join the trend w/simple “at home” techniques. Plus, enjoy a glass of wine/champaign while learning:)

$25 Reservation fee (redeemable in product purchases that night)! Call 312-644-7337 to sign up…only 3 more spots left!


Kevin.Murphy WAVE CLIPS Demo:)
By admin - February 16 - Comments (0)

Watch STEPHANIE (Senior Stylist @ RED 7 SALON Chicago) as she demonstrates how to properly use the Kevin.Murphy WAVE CLIPS on yourself at home. This technique gives you soft and elegant curl/waves that will last all day! These amazing little clips are available for purchase @ both RED 7 SALON locations.

To schedule an appointment w/STEPHANIE, call 312-644-7337 or visit

EXTREME SIDE PARTS…reappear again!
By admin - December 01 - Comments (0)

From extreme to elegant, the severe side part has many faces and is reappearing after a brief popularity in 2011 to showcase again in Spring 2013. This hair trend is seen all over the red carpet, magazines, and television. The severe side part is an easy way to add drama to your hairstyle. Whether creating the part & then pinning the parted side behind the ear OR braiding the parted side down to the opposite ear…you control the amount of edge.

Asymmetry has always been an eye catcher in the hair world, and this style is definitely one of them. The look can be easily changed from day to night with a little back combing and a messy uniformed curl. Though the severe side part is a statement, it is NOT for everyone. To avoid treading in the territory of a comb over (think Donald Trump), don’t let the part go past the arch of your brow. For those who are looking for a fun new style, a severe side part is a must.

Ask your RED 7 SALON Stylist today if a severe side part is a good look on YOU! To schedule an appointment, call 312.644.7337.

What's the latest big trend? HAIR BOWS!
By admin - September 05 - Comments (0)

Lady Gaga started it off and it’s now becoming much more mainstream – HAIR BOWS! Yes, bows placed in your hair that are made out of hair. It brings a sense of playfulness & fun to an average style. Talk to your RED 7 SALON Stylist to see if this look is right for you and HOW to achieve it.

CUT/STYLE Trend Alert
By admin - January 05 - Comments (0)

2012 trends

Easy Elegance is all the rage this up coming year! There’s no need to make your hair perfectly straight or that ponytail overly polished when deconstructed waves and undone knots show that a little edge is as chic as ever. No matter the length, short and long styles alike are being worn to look fresh from the ocean or outdoors. The revival of the 1970’s bouncy blow out gives long hair a groomed look with a relaxed finish. The rock crop cut is the hottest trend of the season for those brave enough to go super short or to refresh your already short but bored with pixie cut. The rock crop combines the popular trends of a very short fringe and the rockabilly style. However you decide to wear you’re hair, wear it with confidence and a smile! Happy 2012! 🙂


HOT Summer Celebrity Trend!
By admin - May 28 - Comments (0)

Fashionistas like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are all sporting the summer’s HOT, HOT, hottest trend…the LONG BOB! It’s not long hair and it’s not quite short hair, as good ole Goldilocks would say… “It’s just right!”


It’s a fabulous haircut for any hair type/texture. The A-list ladies are sporting this summer trend both really sleek and straight OR spicing it up with a tousled wavy look as well. With many options to make it edgy…ask to add a funky fringe or maybe sexy layers. That makes this trend very wearable for everyone!

INSIDER TIP: To keep your bob super sleek in the summer heat, try AVEDA’s Style Prep Smoother. It protects against humidity for up to 12 hours! To use, just apply to damp hair before styling. Talk to your RED 7 SALON Stylist to see if this hot celebrity trend and product is for you.

To schedule an appointment call 312-644-7337.

Spring 2011 Celebrity Trend
By admin - February 10 - Comments (0)

A big trend for Spring 2011 was set by the red carpet recently; BLUNT BANGS! Sandra Bullock sported retro 60’s blunt bangs w/textured long layers. Also, starlet Olivia Wilde was seen with a wispier version of a blunt fringe, which is more universal and can be pushed to the side for a side swept look as well. Scared to try bangs? Don’t be! It can really change up a hairstyle, and give your favorite haircut a fresh feel. You can find some great tips of what type of bangs might work with you face shape here.