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By admin - January 05 - Comments (0)

What is the biggest haircutting TREND of 2017? The PIXIE…again.

Pixies are such a wonderful way to express someone’s personality. There’s nowhere to hide! Wherever you are, your confidence is inevitably exuded since your hair isn’t shielding your face. I love the trends of expressing femininity through side fades and heavy texture. Pixies offer a lot more versatility with styling than some longer hair options, because you can wear your hair smooth, textured, forward, backward, upward, etc! I love Bumble and bumble’s SEMISUMO for shine & hold, SUMOTECH for edgier & stronger hold, and SURF SPRAY for a lived-in style!

But it’s all in the details–If you have a funky cowlick in the bang area or crown area, rock those quirks and use them to direct your hair in a new direction. Softer necklines and ear areas can be detailed to be extremely feminine or more edgy depending on the look we are going for. One client even said that her husband loves her short hair because she has the sexiest neck, and now he gets to stare at it all the time. Take the plunge and let’s and start the NEW year rocking!

R7S Clients pictured below…Monica and Caitlin (both cuts by SARAH). To schedule an appointment w/SARAH (Stylist), please call RED 7 SALON @ 312-644-7337.


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